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Cork is truly amazing! Today we look to the sustainability of our resources and the protection of our environment and in cork we have a natural product that meets these criteria and has many superb characteristics.

Cork is harvested from the Cork Oak, the bark being stripped every nine to twelve years. This process actually enhances the lifespan of the tree, which usually lives for 150 to 200 years. The bark is then used in the production of many products and there is hardly any waste. Now how good is that!

The natural structure of the cork provides a product, which is ideal for the control of sound and vibration. Millions of air filled cells means the product absorbs sound, reduces vibration and allows the product to compress and return to its original shape.

Our suppliers from Portugal are well established manufacturers who have traded with us for thirty years. They work to the highest quality standards .They are all ISO accredited and commited to quality and service. Regular product inspection and certification ensures the high standards are maintained. Continuous investment in innovation and product development keeps them at the forefront of Cork product development.

Supplies of granulated cork and cork sheeting are available and are used in many processes and products by our customers. Cork flooring is available in many different finishes and styles. Products are sourced to order ensuring full product traceability and product to exact specification. Cork products are generally available within two to four weeks of order.

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